These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the Employment Agency Act (AVG) and the Code of Obligations (OR). The competent licensing authority is the Office of Economics and Labor, 8090 Zurich and seco, Directorate of Labor, Holzikofenweg 36, 3003 Bern.

  1. The General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the rental contract. They automatically come into force with each conclusion of the contract. The assignment company recognizes these general terms and conditions as binding. If it does not agree with them, it must notify us of this immediately; in this case, our employee will be called back and the contract will be cancelled. The employee’s commencement of work shall be considered a congruent act to the signing of the rental contract.
  2. Our temporary staff is carefully selected and may only be used for the agreed activity. The customer undertakes to ensure occupational safety and compliance with the relevant standards and the provisions of the labor law. If the customer company is subject to a generally binding labor agreement, we must be informed of this when the order is placed. The collective labor agreement working time regulations also apply to our temporary staff.
  3. The Temporary Employee is obliged to respect the internal regulations of the Client’s business. He is contractually obliged to maintain strictest secrecy about everything that comes to his knowledge in the course of his assignment with the customer. The temporary employee is subject to the instructions of the customer, he is under his supervision and responsibility. As a matter of principle, we decline any liability for damages caused by a Temporary Employee. The provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply, namely OR 55, 100 and 101.
  4. The Temporary Employee shall comply with the working hours applicable in the Client Company. Overtime is considered to be those hours that exceed the normal working hours; they are compensated in accordance with the regulations of the client company and must be listed separately on the work report and mentioned with the corresponding percentage surcharge. The customer is responsible for compliance with the regulations of the labor law.
  5. At the beginning of the assignment, the customer must satisfy himself that the temporary employee meets the requirements. If this is not the case, we must be informed immediately. You will not be charged for the first day of such an assignment. You also do not need to sign a work report for this. If possible, we will offer you a replacement immediately.
  6. We pay our temporary employees on the basis of the weekly work report, which must be signed by the customer. In no case the temporary employee is authorized to receive payments from the client. Any direct agreements with our employee are inadmissible and not binding for us.
  7. Complaints regarding the invoiced hours must be made within eight days of the invoice date. Invoices are to be paid net within ten days. In the event of collection, interest on arrears of 12% shall be deemed to have been agreed.
  8. Complaints regarding the invoiced hours must be made within eight days of the invoice date. The customer can take over a temporary employee after the end of the assignment in a direct or indirect employment relationship. In principle, a takeover is free of charge.
    1. If the assignment has lasted less than three months, and
    2. if the employment takes place less than three months after the end of the assignment.

In such cases, the compensation shall be the amount that the customer would have had to pay us for management fee and profit for the three-month assignment, but from which the payment already made for management fee and profit shall be deducted.